RACHEL-Plus 3.0 won't boot

One of our users in South Sudan reported that their RACHEL-Plus 3.0 is no longer booting. It shows the error message: Device Initialization in Progress: Please wait. They say they have been careful to always turn off the RACHEL properly (with the 3 taps). They have repeatedly tried to start up the RACHEL and cannot get past this error screen.

Hi @gary.friesen - This is likely an issue with the hard drive. You can attempt a manual fix by logging in to the device over SSH and running an “fsck -y /dev/sda1” command to try and fix file system errors.


You are right James, I facing that same problem some months back, what I did to resolve it was simple.

First I make sure the power is completely drained to zero, then reconnect to electricity without power it on, after 5 minutes I press the power button for 1 to 2 minutes continually and it’s works perfectly.

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