RACHEL-Plus 3.0

I just received 5 new RACHEL-Plus version 3 CAPs but there were no bootable USBs with them. Two questions:

  1. How large a USB will version 3 require for a restore?
  2. Where can I find the code to create a bootable USB for version 3 CAPs?

Hi Larry,

  1. 16GB
  2. We’re working on getting that posted, but it’s not ready yet


Hi, Where can I download the USB Recovery Installer for Rachel Plus 3.0? We got them without Rachel System

Or how can I access with root privileges on this device, ITS URGENT!!

Hi @CesarCavazos97 – did the devices come from us? Our devices have a custom BIOS which is required for the USB use (though we still have to get the USB posted).

Hi Jeremy. For RACHEL Plus 2.0 I always formatted my USB disks as EXT4. Then I could use the utilities to move the updated content from my RACHEL Plus here in the US & take the USB disk to update the content on all of the RACHEL devices I had in other countries.

Whenever I mount a USB disk that’s been formatted as EXT4 to a RACHEL Plus v3.0 I get server errors or not found errors for all of the modules that I’ve tested. As soon as I umount the disk I can access all of the modules.

What is the correct format for a 2 or 4 TB USB disk for RACHEL Plus v3.0?

If EXT4 is acceptable then why does this consistently happen?

I’ve been fighting with this for about 3 days now & can repeat the problem any time. I’m leaving May 2nd & I need to update 3 devices so I really would appreciate a quick response.


Hi @LarryY – I can pass the question along to the manufacturer and see what response we get.

Hi Jeremy,
Any response from the manufacturer. I’ve got all kinds of strange things happening. When I mount /dev/sdb1 as /media/usb/ the /.data directory changes from the usual contents at /media/RACHEL/rachel/modules/ to the content of the usb drive. If I’m in the /media/RACHEL/rachel/modules/ directory when I perform the mount I get this:

Device Start End Sectors Size Type
/dev/sdb1 2048 7814037133 7814035086 3.7T Linux filesystem
root@CMAL-a788:/media/RACHEL/rachel/modules# mount /dev/sdb1/ /media/usb/
mount: special device /dev/sdb1/ does not exist (a path prefix is not a directory)

You can see from the end of the fdisk -l command that /dev/sdb1 exists, but when I performed the mount it says it doesn’t exist.

What’s causing these issues?

Hi Larry - I haven’t heard anything back at all.

Hi Jeremy,
I just found another place discussing my problem on the forum. It’s “Use ext4 usb drive to copy content into Rachel Plus 3.0?” I’ll chime in over there also to make sure I understand your recommendation.

When I plug a USB disk into my RACHEL Plus v3 it formats it to EXT4. I’ve tried using a disk with no format, with 1 NTFS & 1 EXT4 partition, & with only 1 NTFS partition. In every case, it reformatted the USB as a single partition EXT4.

I lost days of work when it reformatted a USB with all of my English, Spanish, & French modules, plus all of my exported Kolibri channels.

I’ve got about 8 or 9 RACHEL Plus v3s in the field. None have Internet. I’m going to have to come up with a new way of bringing upgrades to the field since I can no longer use a USB drive directly connected to the CAP as I have in the past.