Rachel Plus Admin Password

how do I reset Rachel Plus admin pwd?


Hi @BJFlynn,

If you’ve lost your admin password you will need to SSH into the device using Putty and your root credentials, then run commands to rename the database file to reset it

  1. SSH into the RACHEL with your root credentials
  2. Run the command
    cd /.data/RACHEL/rachel/admin/
  3. Run the command
    mv admin.sqlite admin.sqlite.bak

This will reset the database so hidden modules and module order will have to be reset


Thank you so much James. I have another similar question for you if you don’t mind. Is the hole in the Rachel similar to a router where you would get a hard reset back to factory default settings using a paper clip and if so what would it do to this device.

Thanks again

Much appreciated James

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Happy to help.

Unfortunately the pinhole does not reset the device. If a device needs to be reset to a factory state we can provide a Recovery USB when contacted through the chat on our online store at worldpossible.org with your order number and device model.

If you’re having some other issues I can try to help you with them


Good to know James

Many Thanks again!!!

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So for some reason we can’t get back in. Last time was some 3 years ago. My text file has the login as root/rachel. Admin’Rachel+1 not working either. I have a device model number but no order number I can find from 5 years ago. Since we are in a prison I probably disabled the WiFi so we can’t get in that way either. Is there maybe a lock out if you try to log in incorrectly too many times? Can I get a Recovery USB with just the Model and serial number?

Thanks James

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Hi @BJFlynn,

Happy to help. There is no lockout for attempts. Just to be sure, the default login/pass is case sensitive so the capital A might be an issue.


I’ll message you with recovery instructions if you want to try it. If you ever need to connect to the device and the WIFI is disabled you can access it with an ethernet cable. If you connect it to the left port and then a router it will be available at the IP address your router assigns it on your network. If you connect it to the right port and then a PC directly, You can access the device at