RACHEL-Plus couldn't pickup the IP address

RACHEL-Plus device switched on.
Wi-Fi light on and blinking and SSID is picking up on the Wi-Fi devices. But got this error message when trying to connect through Wi-Fi SSID (Failed to obtain IP address).
LAN connected, activity light is on. Couldn’t connect and I type in the IP address ( & but couldn’t connect also to RACHEL-Plus device.

Hi @NN1992,

Which version is your RACHEL-Plus?

It may help if you can connect to the device over LAN and I can help diagnose WIFI issues from there to see if it’s a configuration issue.

When you connect the ethernet cable to the left ethernet port, which is closest to the power port, the other end should be connected to your router which will give the RACHEL-Plus an IP address. You can then connect to the RACHEL-Plus with that IP.

If you connect to the right ethernet port, the other end of the cable should be directly connected to your PC. Your PC will then be assigned an IP by the RACHEL, and you can access the RACHEL at

If you can connect that way, on a V3 or V4 you can look further at the “Advanced Hardware Control” settings from the hardware page in the admin area. It’s possible something like MAC filtering was enabled or some other setting is off. I can help you at this point.

If neither of those methods work it sounds like somehing more serious than configuration is not working and we’ll have to look at other options.