Rachel Plus for Corrections

i’m looking for anyone who is using the Rachel plus for Corrections in a prison environment. I’d like to know how it’s working, any issues with the content, etc. I’d actually like to be able to talk with someone who is using it.

Hi @BJFlynn@frank can get you in touch with some facilities. We have facilities in 14 states including adult, juvenile, and county facilities.

That’s great. How can I get some contact info?

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Hi Jeremy.
How can I get in touch with Frank?

Thank you.

see above, frank@worldpossible.org

I just sent a shout out to Frank. I also understand they are revamping the Rachel for Corrections. Do you know if that’s true and why?

I appreciate you help.


Great, I’m sure he’ll get back to you. There isn’t much of a “they” around here, it’s mostly just a few of us and we are upgrading the hardware of all RACHEL devices, but not really changing the user experience at all around RACHEL corrections. Does that make sense or did you hear something different? Every 18 months or so the hardware manufacturers, folks like Intel, stop making older chips and force users to upgrade motherboards to be compatible with the new chips.

No, that makes sense. It’s just I’m trying to get one thru our vendor CDW and they say that they won’t available till May.
I’m having a phone conference with Frank on Friday.

Thanks for getting back to me and for all your help as well.

Great, I’m sure CDW is just reading that off our website at http://store.worldpossible.org – we’re happy to provide a sole source letter if you’d like to purchase directly also.