RACHEL Plus In Myanmar (Burma)


First RACHEL in Myanmar (formerly known as Burma). That monastic school has about 100 students but no Internet access and hard-to-reach location. They are so happy that they can access those materials. The monk said ‘Although I’m a villager, I’m a GLOBAL villager because of the RACHEL’ The students are eager to use it. I’m still developing more Myanmar (Burmese) contents modules. I’ll go & update soon.

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This looks great. I am installing computer labs in Myanmar as well. Have you been able to create Myanmar content?

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Yes, I have already created one module and creating more now.

I am glad to hear that you are interested in it.

I am interested in any Myanmar content. Do you have a link to the module you created? I would love to look at it.

For this module, the publisher gives us the permission to use for our project only. So, if you want to look at it, I can send you the screenshot. This module is the children stories in Myanmar Languages, Bi-Lingual, Other Myanmar Languages (Shan, Mon, Rakhine).

I’m still creating the module for http://www.moteoo.org/ . They are open access so, it might be okay to send that module to you.

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That is wonderful. I would like to see a screenshot. It has been difficult to find Myanmar content for a server. If you are interested in what we are doing here are a couple of links:



Screenshot (443) I’ve uploaded the screenshot of stories from Yin Thway.

Yes, I am interested in your project. Thank you so much on behalf of my country.

I’m working for the Tekkatho Foundation. https://www.tekkatho.foundation/

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Wow, that looks terrific. I am very interested in working together on content.

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Thank you. I’m finding the new Myanmar contents and creating more.

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