Rachel Plus in Panay Island (and Boracay)

Hello to all!

We are newly installed Rachel plus user here in the island of Panay in the Philippines.
Thank you for this great endeavor to help out rural schools with poor wifi connections.

I am a volunteer (based in HK) and helping out the 2 school here with with their units. So I guess going over the Help database first before sending out my questions.

All the best on this endeavor.

Anna (Philippines & HK)


Thanks for the update and welcome to our forums! Please keep us updated with your progress, share photos, and don’t hesitate to ask questions here. We look forward to hearing how things go!

World Possible


I am also from Philippines and have been giving away a bunch of RachelPi kits since last year.

Most recipients are schools from the hinterlands and they were happy with it.

However, a couple of problems came up. Some nosy people logged in via admin and messed with some settings.


How do we actually change the admin password for the admin page? I see no way to do it :confused:

@NicoleC, I’d appreciate it if you can point me to the right direction :slight_smile:

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Interested in this as well

Hi all, I’m going to ask @jeremy or @Steve to answer this question–do we have any documentation about changing the admin password for RACHEL-Pi?


My apologies for the mischief resulting is setting being changed. Unfortunately, on the Rachel-Pi’s there is no method for changing the admin password via content shell (currently only available on Rachel-Plus). I will add your request for consideration for future development.

Is it possible to change the password by directly accessing the database? (I’m assuming there’s a mysql dB storing the admin credentials)

that will be wonderful.

In the common.php file I believe there is a password. We had a volunteer create that image, so I’m not exactly sure. It’s either there or in the admin.php file, which should be somewhere in /var/www/rachel/

Does anyone know if Rachel Plus servers are still being deployed in Panay Island? How extensively are they being used. What about Rachel Pi? I don’t see any comments since 2018 which makes me think that they aren’t still being utilized. Is there a PH distributor for Rachel products?

Hi @stevelein,

Users don’t generally update us on their deployments here unless they are having technical difficulties and need support. These forums act as the first point of contact for tech support so that’s generally how people find there way here.

You may be interested in reading through this post and speaking with Judith. Their very recent RACHEL-Plus deployment was to Iloilo, which I believe is on the southern side of Panay island and they are developing localized content as well.

Hope that helps,