RACHEL Plus mounting of /dev/sda1

I have gotten my RACHEL plus into a confused state and could use some help. I am guessing the issue was caused by using the zz-kolibri-update scripts to update my Kolibri to the latest version, but its hard to be a 100% sure. It also may be a file corruption issue due to moving my RACHEL plus to another site.

The RACHEL Plus no longer mounts the /dev/sda1 drive on /.data. If I manually mount the drive at this location it works fine. I would have expected to see the /dev/sda1 drive auto mounted through /etc/fstab. However, my /etc/fstab file does not have an entry for /dev/sda1. Is it possible that my /etc/fstab got corrupted? Does the RACHEL Plus normally mount /dev/sda1 through /etc/fstab or does it mount it through a different system service? Anyone know?

  • Rich

Hi Rich,

/dev/sda is not mounted through fstab. Please try:

  1. Type: lsscsi (verify the Linux kernet can see the device.

  2. If device is found, type: fsck -y /dev/sda1 (if there is filesystem corruption, it is generally minimal and this will clear it up. If you have added content which you cannot recover elsewhere, do not use the -y argument. If the fs corruption is significant, you would not want all of the inode tables updated/cleared…).

  3. Reboot and give the device 10 mintes before refreshing the browser.

Perfect. Running fsck and rebooting fixed the problem.

Note, lsscsi is not installed. I verified the disk was recognized with fdisk -l.

I am a bit surprised fsck worked. I manually mounted the drive without any difficulties. I would have thought the mount command would have failed if fsck was needed.

I am still curious as to how the disk is mounted. I figured out it is being mounted by systemd, but I could not find the unit file. I would love to understand the setup. A pointer to where it is configured should be sufficient. Thanks!

  • Rich

Great to hear you are up and running and good call on backup utility. Working on multiple environments, it’s easy to forget one doesn’t have lsscsi. I will message you offline with the nuts & bolts of the mount.