Rachel Plus remote access

NicoleC- We have a dozen Rachel Plus units at the various primary schools in the central Bahamas.Some are on remote islands that do have Internet availability.We need to access the Rachel Plus units over the Internet periodically and download the coaches report-Tabular Report In K A light, in raw form so the District Education Office can monitor K A light activity in the out island schools.Has this been discussed on this forum before?Is this possible?If so how?Will you have Jonathan comment on this?Thanks

For added reference to Bill’s request, here’s what we’ve been able to gather to this point:

  • Remote connectivity can only be accomplished when a RACHEL Plus unit is plugged in (via Ethernet cable) to a Router with Internet access.

  • The tabular report from KA Lite that we can download currently groups all courses into an array and doesn’t accurately show the percentage completion / scores for each course. We may need to directly access the KA Lite stats database and I’m looking for ways to do that.

Let us know if we should split this into to two discussion threads.

Hi, I’m tagging @jfield and @Steve from our tech team so that they see your request!

Hi @bsanford121and @itburkealert – we have access to most devices on our end, but it’s not something we share with the outside world. We could enable access based on a preset schedule if you’d like to coordinate that with us.