Rachel server did not record last month's (June 2023) data

Hi jeremy,
i am trying to understand the cause as to why didn’t the rachel server recorded data for June 2023. i got this error, however i need a bit of your guidance please, on how to proceed. thanks

Hi Gerard,

What version of RACHEL device are you using?

From my other post I see you have a RACHEL-Plus V4. The V4 has a different statistics system than what is shown here as well as a different default IP address. Was this device purchased recently through https://worldpossible.org/ ?

hi jamesk thanks for responding; so here is the version i am referring to:

There was no recording of data for June 20203; i would really appreciate a walk through to better understand and if possible prevent this re-occurrence, thanks a thousand.

Hi @Gerard,

This is a RACHEL-Plus V3 device which is very out of date. If you have your Shopify order number I’d be happy to help you get updated to a newer RACHEL OS version which may fix the issue.