Rachel Server not present on LAN IP address when connected to internet router

Hi team,
I wanted to use Internet and Rachel simultaneously on my machine.
For this I connected the RACHEL device to my internet router through ethernet cable.
Then I connected my machine to Rachel wifi and noted down the LAN IP address from the top right of the rachel homepage.
Then I connected my machine to the router with internet and tried opening the LAN ip that I noted earlier.

I was hoping that it should work but rachel homepage is not opening up and I am getting error on this page.

Can you help me debug this issue or suggest some other way through which I can be connected to the internet but can still access rachel server.

Thanks in advance

Please google your router and look up the appropriate instructions to allow traffic through. Sounds like you have a firewall issue on your router.

Hi Paritosh,
What I always do is set a static IP address for the LAN side of RACHEL ( Then I open the router & make sure DHCP is aware of the MAC - IP address pairing. Finally I create a static route on my router that looks something like this: use gateway Now my router knows where the is, however, as Jeremy indicated, you should be able to connect your browser to either or the LAN IP address and still access RACHEL.
I do recall in years past having an issue getting RACHEL to load from the LAN address, which is why I created the static route to start with. Now I can load from either IP address in my browser.
Sorry if this isn’t making sense, I’m kind of rushed to send an answer right now.