Rachel users -continuos engangement

Good Day RACHEL users in Zambia. Lets use this thread to continue engaging each other.We would also like to hear on what sort of environments you have deployed RACHEL . If you have any technical issue please bring them forward we will assist.




Rachel is installed on a server at Linda Community School, Lusaka District.
It does not have Zambian content, can this be added and if so please advise how. Pat Bergin, Propel Education

Is there a good example of teacher using Rachel as a resource to make lesson plans and to use its content to deliver impactful lessons in the Zambian classroom.

Where is your school @PBER1957 We have several schools using RACHEL in Lusaka, Chilanga, Siavonga and Monze

Hello all.
I am “new“ in Zambia (Lusaka), working as an ICT/Media educator for teachers in community schools.

I am really interested in using Raspberry Pi / Kolibri, but have no background using such tools.
If you have some guidance, that would be really appreciated :smiley:

Take care!

Hi @SachaChillier Sorry I didn’t pick this up earlier. Have a word with Joel on +260966769905, he lives in Lusaka and has been using and demonstrating the RACHEL-Pi for several years, Mention my name, Howard Kirkman. I have sent him the RACHEL-Pi from the UK via DHL at Levey Mall without any issues.
Hope this helps,
Kind Regards


I have put up several resources on giakonda.org.uk/resources that may be able to help you.
Kind Regards Howard


Thank you @giakonda !!

Your work seems really interesting.
I will explore these resources and get in touch with Joel :smiley:

Kind regards

I’ll look forward to hearing what you do

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Sure, I will keep you informed.

If you come to Zambia, do not hesitate to tell me :smiley:

We will be going again in 2021, if all goes to plan!
I’ll let you know when things are more settled.

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Great, it sure is difficult to plan for now…
Nobody knows for sure when schools will completely reopen, maybe next term if things settle down.

We are in the process of raising funds for routers and long range wifi bridges for our more remote schools, I was surprised to find the cost of these devices:
A bit of info on various wireless bridge units. (Individual price. Two units required for each complete bridge)

For around 20km @£86 + VAT https://linitx.com/product/ubiquiti-airmax-powerbeam-ac-2.4ghz-cpe-18dbi--pbe-2ac-400/16146

For around 15km @£47 + VAT https://linitx.com/product/ubiquiti-airmax-litebeam-ac-gen2-network-bridge-lbe-5ac-gen2/15058

For up to 10km @£35 + VAT https://linitx.com/product/ubiquiti-airmax-nanostation-5ac-loco-wireless-network-bridge-loco5ac-(ns-5acl)/15217

4G Long range dish @135 + VAT https://linitx.com/product/mikrotik-lhg-lte6-cat6-4g-outdoor-long-range-router/16312

All units need 24V DC PoE power supply around £10 + VAT or 24V DC from battery pack with DC to DC converter which ‘should’ be more loss efficient

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Hi @jamesk I had this issue using Kolibri
I’ll give it another go and get back

Sorry for the panic there @jamesk The card was full!

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No problem @giakonda! That has happened to me too. Did the filesystem resize to the proper disk size on first boot?

Yes in the Pi4 it recognised the 64G card correctly.
I have tried the sd card on a Pi3 but it failed. I’m not sure ift the Pi3 is good.
I’ll take another look

@giakonda How successful have you been finding Tonga/Nyanja videos to put on the RACHEL-pi?

Not at all. Only the African story books

Hello @giakonda, I finally went to visit one school with Joel yesterday as the situation in Zambia is much better now.
We went to Vots Global Institute and I was really impressed with the work you have done there and the way the teachers and students are using Rachel.
Thanks a lot for giving me Joel’s contact!

I got the approval to buy a first Raspberry Pi 4 to test it and should receive it shortly. I hope that this is only the first step working with Raspberry!

I also wanted to ask why you use Rachel and Kolibri, and not only Kolibri for instance?

Best regards