RACHEL+ with Kolibri Grant


My foundation received the hardware grant from Learning Equality. We’ll set up the RACHEL+ with Kolibri. :slight_smile:

Thanks, @NicoleC for telling us that grant opportunity in the forum.


Tekkatho Foundation

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This is great news! We plan to apply for the grant this year for use in Nigeria. Hopefully you can document your process for learning purposes

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Yes, I will document them.

Wish you all the best for the grant.

Congratulations May and the team at Tekkatho Foundation! I’m so glad to hear that you received this grant!

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Congratulations, hope to learn much from you.

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Rachel+ with Kolibri is set up in Ayeyarwaddy delta region, Myanmar. Students are really excited to use it because they can test the simulations from Kolibri. They can access many local Myanmar contents & English resources from Rachel+. The place is very hard to reach.