Rasp Pi boot failure

I have purchased a 3B Pi, (not the plus) and I am having two (perhaps inter-related problems).

  1. The Pi keeps rebooting. It goes happily through the initialization, declares it can’t find mysql5 (more on this below), continues happily along, and then reboots without declaring an obvious error. Any suggestions? It is a new 3B, and I have yet to confirm that it will boot fully on Raspbian - that’s my next step.

  2. The SD image in from the ftp.worldpossible site, Version 4_English I suspect. When I booted that SD card in a Pi2 I have, I did an upgrade and update, and all went fine, except for mysql5, for which there was not room to install the new package and then upgrade. This leads to a couple of question. A) Does this have anything to do with #1? (unlikely) and B) I was thinking I would just remove something like libreoffice, as this will likely only and ever be used as a classroom server.

I’ve sorted the mysql problem. A few kicks at the update can worked. A few packages are held-back, but I don’t have time to sort that today.

The boot problem was a classic not-enough-power-onboard Rasp Pi reboot. Once I detached my son’s keyboard with illuminated keys, the problem went away. So, I’ll close this, leaving it to documents my problems, and solutions.

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