Raspberry Pi and SD card reliability

In 2013 I installed Rachel on the then current Raspberry Pi and deployed in a remote primary school near Bolgatanga in Ghana. This has to be one of the harshest environments for any computer system (dust, rodents, heat etc). In 2017 the Rachel Pi was recovered from the school (which had since moved to a donated suite of standalone Windows desktops) and installed in another primary school where it has been attached via a swich/router to an ethernet connected set of 20 windows desktop machines. Just back from another visit to Bolgatanga and seen this very old Rachel Pi serving up Khan videos and other content to all 20 machines. The children are listening to the Khan videos on cheap headphones plugged in to the windows machines.

Is this the longest running un-updated or changed deployment of Rachel Pi?IMG_1821



Interesting feedback. Surely, with all the harsh environment decribed, one would think the raspberry would easily be faulty. Running for so long is really remarkable.

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We have had several running from Jan 2015 with no problems.The dust in Southern province, Zambia is a challenge.

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