Rebuilding a Rachel Pi from Rachel Plus

I found out today that I have corrupted my Rachel Pi image and I want to rebuild another Rachel Pi but I dont want to go through the tedious and expansive task of downloading the 64GB data. I have a Rachel Plus server with 1TB HD - how could I retrieve the Kolibri or KALite data from the Rachel Plus server to upload on the Rachel Pi.

Hello @mataiwq,

If you’re using one of the latest images from 2020 - RACHEL-Pi Images you will only have to download a minimal sized image without content. To get the content from the RACHEL-Plus I think it will require using ssh to access your Rachel-Plus. I believe that voids the warranty but you would have to ask someone on the RACHEL team. You might also have to ask for your password from them to access it.

From there the modules are most likely on the “/media/RACHEL/rachel/modules” folder so you can use a program like WinSCP to copy them to your computer. If you are using one of the newer RACHEL-Pi images then you can just connect to the RACHEL-Pi using WinSCP again and copy the modules to /var/www/modules folder on the pi. There is a tutorial included in the latest RACHEL-Pi image on how to do this transfer.

I’m not exactly sure where Kolibri data is on the RACHEL-Plus, but in this post @giakonda mentions how it’s done and has a document on the Giakonda website. This is the document I believe Installing-Kolibri-on-Raspbian-for-x86amd-version-61.pdf.


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