Recommend coordination by having each group complete the form

Jeremy et Al,

Some organisational suggestions:

  1. That each group complete a COPY of the Application Form & Program Description Template, so that each group has appropriately considered and answered the questions.

  2. That Jeremy create a copy of the form in Word, Google Docs, Sheets, or whatever, for everyone to complete, so that they are all in the same format and easy to be consolidate where appropriate (and available to attach individually should that be asked for).

  3. Each group should review the NetHope website and the FAQs and Program Description Template so that they answer appropriately.

  4. Pay particular attention to creating an appropriate budget. They ask for:

  • Please provide high level budget information as follows, totaling dollar amount requested above.
  • Cost of new phones in U.S. dollars *
  • Cost of new tablets in U.S. dollars *
  • Cost of new laptops/PCs in U.S. dollars *
  • Cost of other new devices in U.S. dollars *
  • Administrative, training and support costs for devices in U.S. dollars *
  • Numeric values only - no characters allowed
  • Communications costs for devices in U.S. dollars *

Note that you CAN include associated costs, not only the hardware cost:
Q: "Please clarify allowable uses of the 40% of the budget not used to purchase technology. Will
organizational indirect costs be allowable under the agreements? "
A: “We envision these funds to complement existing program expenses by funding devices not otherwise financed and in principle, we would not expect to allow ICR (Indirect Cost Recovery) on these funds. As stated in the program landing page, 40% of the funds may be spent on direct program expenses such as deployment, program integration, training, support and communications costs.” (from the FAQ)

Q: "Would the grant cover software costs as well? One of our programs uses software on the phone to help beneficiaries and there is an associated cost. I was not sure if this was covered under “integration”?"
A: "Yes, it is fair to include software in the 40% of the grant to be used for direct program expenses.
“Grantees will be expected to spend at least 60 percent of grant dollars on device purchases.
Remaining funds not spent on devices, may be spent on direct program expenses such as
deployment, program integration, training, support and communications costs.” "

Q: "You indicate that the grant funds can subsidize the connectivity process. If our project involves an
isolated population without an internet connection, can we budget for the purchase of
telecommunications equipment, infrastructure and energy, and payment for internet service in our grant
A: “Per the program landing page, such expenses would have to come out of the 40% of any award”

Note: They expect the program to be completed in a “12-18 month period.” I am unsure if you can only budget 12 months of internet service or 18 months. (Anyways, depends when you think installation will occur.)

Also note that in some places they want specific information:
Ex. “Please provide name and information (location) about suppliers you intend to work with to purchase the devices.”

Good luck to All!


FYI, Here’s a Google Sheet version of the application form (public, view only).

I will let Jeremy decide if he wants to copy this and ask people to use it.



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