Recommended Rapsberry Pi Model for RachelPi Server


I am looking to use a RaspPi for Rachel Pi, with a Samsung SSD in an external adapter case for my storage. Is there a recommended Pi model for this? Specifically in regards to the amount of RAM and version i.e. pi3 or pi4?

Thanks, and sorry if this question is already answered elsewhere,

Hi Duncan,

We don’t have any specific benchmarks on anything with the Pi as there are too many variables with hardware, but I can say that if you’re looking for better performance, a Pi4 is much better than a Pi3 due to the USB 3.0, speed increase, and more RAM. The 4GB model can’t hurt over the 2GB, but 8GB isn’t necessary unless you want to use it for a desktop PC at some point. One thing you’ll want to look into are supported adapters for the SSD. Some will cause errors right away. The Raspberry Pi forums have a lot of user discussion around that.

Hope that helps,