Recommended tablet, phone or laptop for RACHEL+ 3.0

I will use the RACHEL+ 3.0 with Kolibri. I’m planning to give the affordable tablet, phone or laptop to use with RACHEL+ 3.0.

What kinds of devices do you use in your projects?

Thank you.
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For the case of tablet use amazon fire kindle $50 per device

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you can go for Indian tablets also they are quite cheap in rates.

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On this forum that’s a little like asking, “What’s your favorite color?” Everyone has a preference & rarely do they match. I like the RCA Voyager Pro tablets with QWERTY keyboards for $50 US on I was using Chromo tablets, but I can no longer find them.

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Thank you so much from the information.
Yes, I know everyone has a preference but I would like to know the pros & cons after using it. I would like to know their experiences. Some phones/tablets are good but for remote areas, will it be okay or not. So that I’m asking this questions.
@rimit Thank you.
@Jseni Thank you for the information.