Reconfigure webserver on RACHEL-Pi

I thought I was clever and wanted to install kolibri-serve. However, that reset the settings on the webserver on the RACHEL-Pi.

Where can I find instructions on setting up the webserver correctly again, so it is possible to see the content instead of just the standard Nginx frontpage asking for configuration.

Kolibri and Kiwix still works on their corresponding ports.

I uninstalled Nginx which kolibri-serve installed with the following instructions. server - How to remove nginx and re activate apache? - Ask Ubuntu

Restarted the Pi, and back to normal.

Kolibri-serve is not really meant to be used in production. It’s best to keep the existing configuration. The en-kolibri-index module will show you Kolibri on the main page of RACHEL and any modules that use kiwix will point directly to the used port.