Reformat and Recover RACHEL-Plus 3.0


Here I have created a video tutorial on how to reformat and recover a failing RACHEL device.

You will need:

We also recommend checking your RACHEL recovery image for its consistency at download:
MD5 Sum Checker:


Hi Jeremy,

How about formatting the CAP device, is that possible? I mean, leaving the device “blank”, with no RACHEL image or anything. Just the device.

A client is asking for this and I’m really not sure how to do it… thanks.

I think you can just press the reset button on the back with a pin for 3 seconds.

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Thanks. Actually client says he doesn’t want to erase everything, just revert back to the original RACHEL Plus, as it came in the box. I understand your tutorial is for doing just that?

Yes and no. Unfortunately, after wiping RACHEL to “factory state” you will lose all of the content we added before shipment. He will have to have a good internet connection to redownload all of the content we installed.

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