Related Qs on installing Rachel on a PC based server


On the Rachel Plus product page, Ahmed Lemine asked the same question that was on my mind:
Rachel plus software on a PC?

In the deployment forum, I asked “When is it more appropriate to install on a PC server?” I intend that post as a discussion of how to justify the expense of Rachel Pi/Plus. ($100 for a Pi doesn’t sound like a lot but that’s 2 weeks salary for a teacher in Indonesia.)

If anyone has a technical guide to installing Rachel on an old PC, then please post that in this forum!



When you say PC, are you thinking a Windows machine or Linux? My guess is the latter would be more straightforward and robust, but in some ways more intimidating :slight_smile:

I was assuming a new/current Linux install, but we might come across schools with (presumably old) Windows servers.

It’s not an immediate need for me… yet.

Thank you BrianW for referring to my question.
For now, I wrote the Rachel-Pi img to an external HDD then accessed it from a Linux PC and copied the var/www/ folder to the local drive. Now, I will install Apache, PHP and SQL on that Linux and put the Rachel content in the www directory and serve the content from there.

What is still missing is the Rachel Plus features I mentioned in my old post.

jfield in this post New RACHEL-Pi image in the works said they are working on putting Rachel Plus features in the Rachel-Pi version. I think that’s great news and would be even better if there is a standalone version for PC based servers.