Remove IP Address from Homepage

Per a request, here is a tutorial to remove the IP address from the homepage. In order to do this, you must know how to SSH into a device and know your device’s SSH password. We do not share this information publicly.

Difficult to see on a Small screen. For those of us that know how to get our hands dirty can we have screen shots or a list of the commands. I can see that a php file is being updated using VI. Maybe if the location of the file and the lines in that file is made explicit we can dive there straight away

Sure, I always hesitate to get folks good instructions for doing things we don’t support or warrarnty though. Please proceed at your own risk when using SSH.

cd /media/RACHEL/rachel


cp index.php index.php.backup


nano index.php

somewhere about 20 lines down you’ll see the text

show ip():

delete that entire set of 8 characters and resave.

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