Removing a Non-Damaged Battery

Be sure to check and make sure your battery is not damaged (See Signs of Battery Damage). Right now, we do not recommend attempting to remove a damaged battery. If you do not feel comfortable completing this task, please contact us and we will arrange to have your device shipped to us after you drain down the battery (let the device run until it runs out of power).

First, you must remove the back cover. This requires removing 4 rubber screw caps in the corners of the back cover and then removing the four Philips head screws underneath the back cover. The back cover should easily fall off at that point.
(Video Available Here)

Next, you will have to gently, yet forcefully, pull the cable connecting the battery to the device. Grab as close as possible to the end of the cabling that meets the device and pull. (Video Available Here)

Then, remove the battery from the back cover. There are four small pieces of double sided tape in the corners of the battery and back cover you have to gently pull apart. Do not use a tool, such as a screwdriver or other device for this. You do not want to puncture the battery. Use your fingers to pull up on the battery.

Finally, reattach the back cover without the battery by reinserting the four screws and tightening. Please refer to (Video Available Here) for full walk through.

Thanks so much this is very helpful. Can you please do video on sharing RACHEL PLUS on a hard wire LAN ?

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Noted with Thanks.
However,desktops have no WiFi capabilities to connect to R-PLUS or any WiFi server.

Please, is there wikihow, snd English tutorials available on RACHEL-ON STICK yet?

Hi @Ayanamustapha – they don’t need to connect wirelessly as long as they are all wired together. Start that video at around minute 27 and you will see how to find RACHEL address over LAN.

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