Request for a "Deployment Wiki"

Dear World Possible,

Would you be able to create a “Deployment Wiki” where users can share their advice and files regarding how to implement Rachel-based projects? (For now, we can drag & drop files into these Discourse Deployment posts.)

As you alluded to in your post “Introducing RACHEL to your target community”, the technical how-to information is only 10% of the knowledge required to implement a successful educational program.

For example:

(1) One of my first questions, which others likely have as well, is “How much of the Rachel content is available in my language?”. As I look at each content provider’s website to determine if they have a translation project for their interface and/or content, I will record that and would like a place to share it.

(2) Many of us will need to write requests for funding that include estimating and justifying costs, hours, expected impact & how to measure it, and more. It would be really great to share our methods and/or proposals so that we learn from each other, write better proposals, and save time. (The admitted downside is someone cutting & pasting a proposal and looking professional when they don’t know really what they are doing.)

(3) You have a partner program and thus presumably have written some guides. Can you share those with non-partners?

The letters here are a good start but I suspect that there’s a lot of knowledge behind the scenes that’s not yet publicly available for others to leverage.



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Here’s an example of a development wiki for an organisation that creates computer labs, (though it appears that most info is 4 years old).

The Rachel page:

Funny - we actually had a wiki until recently but it wasn’t used much and was beset by spam :confused: I’m a fan of wikis as a collaborative documentation tool - they can have a clarity that’s hard to achieve on forums. On the flip side I think they are more intimidating for many users to jump in on than a forum.

One nice feature of Discourse is the ability to make any post into a Wiki - in the sense that it’s editable by all registered users and has an edit history. Maybe that is sufficient for now? For example, you could make a topics here about language content and funding ideas, and if you want them to be editable by others you can set them that way by a) clicking on the three dot menu under your post, b) clicking the wrench and c) clicking make wiki.


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Totally depends on how active the users are, how much of a community there is. I just feel that there must be a lot of knowledge out there to help others.

Perhaps a place where users could upload the docs that they have, such as grant applications and impact studies, which would contain a lot of useful information.


Totally agree - I guess what I’m thinking is people can do that here for now? And if we get a critical mass of information that would benefit from more structure, we collect it in a wiki? I just don’t want to make too many different channels at our current user volume as it might spread us too thin.

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I think we can start by creating a Wiki post in this forum, I’ve seen that done in discourse. Maybe we’ll use that as a place to collect links to helpful documents for deployment?

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Jeremy just started one here – feel free to jump in with your favorite links!