Request for posting deployment numbers

Could you please create a WIKI post to track total deployment numbers.

This could include:
Total Plus/Pi/USB sales.
Total downloads.

Of course, it would be cool to see these graphed over time. (If you supply me with the data, then I will graph it.)

A count of deployments by country would be great too.

From the 10 groups that were invited to apply for the NetHope Grant, we have:

CAUSE Canada - Sierra Leone
2 (+6 more with 20 tablets each & solar power)

Global Himalayan Expedition - India
(no response on the NetHope thread)

Innovative Education International - Liberia
12 schools (24 RACHEL servers connected to 450+ laptops) (+ 3 schools with 1 RACHEL & 22 laptops each)

Lewa Conservancy - Kenya
50 schools and libraries (+6 more, with 20 computers each)

Lyra in Africa - Tanzania
3 schools (+12 more, with 45 tablets per RACHEL)

Powering Potential - Tanzania
27 schools (153 RaspberryPi) (+21 more schools = +504 solar-powered Raspberry Pi systems!! beacuse the RaspberryPi is their end user devce (i.e. with keyboard & monitor))

Mundo Posible Guatemala - Guatemala:
144 schools and 22 libraries (+5 more, but plans for 25 more schools)

SURTAB - Haiti
(no response on the NetHope thread)

Sikshana Foundation Love of Learning - India
(no response on the NetHope thread)

TabLab - Costa Rica, Tanzania1
10 (+8 more, with 20 iPad Mini4 per RACHEL)

US-Africa Children’s Fellowship
3 (+3 more, with 40 tablets per RACHEL)

Total: 411 RACHEL servers + plans for 568 more.


Hi Brian -

We unfortunately don’t have good data for this stuff.

Downloads, we see about 9 terabytes a month of data generally. Someone makes a pi image and downloads content, or perhaps the image, but we don’t have data around it. Most of the folks you mention download once and make copies locally (no reason to download multiple times).

We’ve resigned ourselves to working with the groups like the ones you mention with ongoing programs. Most RACHEL’s get dropped off somewhere and never used.


Can you post the sales over time?

Normally, I hate products that “phone home” but now I want it. :wink:

These products now do phone home, at least Rachel plus can.

Best place for numbers is our 990 filing. I think those are public through the urban Institute. Last year sales were somewhere around 300 units.

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