Retrieving Raw Webserver Logs

The current version of RACHEL-Plus includes awstats, which should provide usage information suitable for most users. If, however, you want access to the raw webserver logs, here is how you can get them. Please use extreme caution when entering RACHEL this way, you can very easily do irreparable harm to your device.

  1. On a Windows PC, download and Install WinSCP
  2. During installation choose “Explorer Mode”
  3. Start WinSCP and connect using the following info:
    • Host Name: <your IP address here – probably>
    • User Name: root
    • Password: 123lkj
  4. If it asks to “continue connecting to an unknown server” click “yes”
  5. In the left panel, click on / <root>
  6. In the right panel, double click on var, then log, then httpd
  7. You should now see access_log in the right panel. You can double click it to view the log directly, or drag it to your desktop to save it for later.

Hope this helps!

Screenshot - Login:

Screenshot - Files:

Note: in older versions of RACHEL the Stats page under Admin included a link to download the raw webserver logs. We plan to return this feature to future versions of RACHEL.