Hi, Is there a recommended minimum GB of RAM for a raspberry pi 4 to run RACHEL? Our team has not had issues loading RACHEL off the 4GB version of the raspberry pi, but the 2GB version will not load RACHEL at all when trying to load from the USB (SD card boot loading is fine). Any ideas?

It should work with the 1GB up to the 8GB models. Are you starting from scratch imaging a USB stick with Raspberry Pi and the Pi4 image?

Hi James, Thank you! That is useful to know. We finally resolved our issue, and indeed the issue was not with the amount of RAM. It seems that the issue was that the new raspberry pis which we are using are only able to boot off the 2021 version of the RACHEL image file and not the 2020 version of the RACHEL image file (which is what we had been trying previously). As a side note: the 2020 img file still works with our older pis.

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