Rsync of Kolibri failing

Today I’m trying to update my Rachel by installing Kolibri and I’m getting a “no such file or directory” during the rsync.

I’m assuming the package is still supported because I’m seeing content discussions regarding Kolibri dated just days ago.

Is there a way I can diagnose the rsync connection? Yesterday I updated a couple hundred gigabytes of content successfully with rsync.

Thanks for any guidance!

. . . . Ken

With all the different versions of RACHEL and Kolibri right now, we don’t have an online “update” to add “Kolibri”. Right now, we are only supporting Kolibri on devices which came with it from us. I’m sorry.

So, May I know how to add the channels in that device?

@khinelay – in devices with Kolibri installed, you can use Kolibri’s web interface to add content channels.

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