Running BOINC projects on RachelPi


Does anyone know if it’s possible to run BOINC projects on an RPi 4 running RachelPi?

And other than it potentially slowing down file access by filling RAM, is there any reason not to run one or more BOINC projects whilst running RachelPi? BOINC requires internet access but we do have some access at our sites - we just have limited bandwidth and an intermittent connection, but some BOINC projects require very infrequent connections.


Hi @mpdanny,

I don’t think there would be any conflict other than used system resources, internet usage, and filesystem access. I worry about fully integrating anything beyond the basics with the RACHEL-Pi images because most models are still at 1GB RAM and the majority of people run them using an SD card. The SD card is a major bottleneck even with a class 10 card. If you have a Pi4 with more RAM and can use the USB3 port when that’s available it would be better. I would avoid anything that automatically uses the internet unless you’re sure of the connection to avoid costs from people using 3G or something. It looks like there are a few BOINC projects available through apt but I’m not sure which require the GUI. If you have something specific in mind that’s on github or elsewhere I can make an installer for you.


Thanks James - very useful. I’m testing the 4GB Pi4 and good point about using a separate USB3 drive for it. I’ll give it a go and see how I get on.


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