School for Youth in Wisconsin

I am new to this, I work at a school for juveniles where we have to limit internet access. I am wondering about the possibility of putting websites for flash cards such as:

Or - adding other content that I find online that might be a bit more tailored to the lessons taught in our on-site school. Wondering about more recently made TedTalks or garden related info, just curious how this all works.



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Hi Matt, that’s great to hear that you’re looking at using RACHEL for schools in Wisconsin. Here are World Possible, we aim to prioritize content that is a) high quality, b) openly licensed via a Creative Commons license, c) useful and educational for a wide range of offline learners, d) targeted for learners in developing countries, and e) requested and ready to be deployed by our current users.

The Math Drills website you sent looks like it’s under copyright and therefore we’d need permission from the author to put it on RACHEL. If you find any openly licensed content you’d like to see on RACHEL, feel free to send it our way and we will be happy to evaluate it!


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