Search bar or content tab on Rachel page

I recently visited Takoradi in Ghana and introduced 32 youth representatives from 11 areas around and in Takoradi to the Rachel. One issue I found while trying to give an overview is the lack of a search bar or content tab on the homepage once one connects to Rachel.
While giving the presentation it was difficult to tell them to find a specific module and it seemed like they were overwhelmed by the long list of modules and scrolling.
Is it possible to add a content page to accompany the home and about tabs or add a search bar on the home page? It would make seeing the Rachel content for the first time easier to devour and bring added functionality.
I would like to know if these are feasible changes.

Thanks, Alex.

The RACHEL hardware itself cannot create a search database on the fly. Because RACHELs all have different sets of content, asking the RACHEL to create a global search on its own is not feasible.

We do recommend in our deployment posts that you “hide” unneccessary content, or all content except one module, when first introducing the content. Having a focused and discrete approach can be helpful.


Hi Alex,
My church & the local Rotary Club are also working with two schools in Takoradi & will be adding two more schools the end of May/first of June. Perhaps we can meet when we go to Ghana in a couple of months & we can introduce you to our local resources.

Hello Larry,
That would be great! I would love to get in touch and get your insights on using the RACHEL out there and also learn about those local resources. I visit cape coast on the 27th of this month I believe and I’m sure I could come to Takoradi. Lets talk more, here’s my email:
Thanks for reaching out,