Self directed home learning?

I’m interested to explore a subset of Rachel content on Android devices. (The creative commons bit)

My thought is that in many developing (and developed) countries Android devices will become easily accessible to the majority of people within a 2-5year timeframe.

It seems that there would be educational benefits if children (and indeed adults) had access to Rachel type content, and educational apps at home from these devices.

I found a Chinese SD duplication service that would hold the cards and dropship them to anywhere that China post delivers to. The cost was around $6 per 32Gb card, plus P&P.

My thought was to encourage people, phone shops, teachers? to resell them for ~$10 to parents, or anyone else who wanted them.

I got as far as doing a bit of research and sticking up a basic website here:

Then I kind of ran out of energy for it.

It occurred to me the easiest way might be to set up a Rachel instance, install the right modules, then use HTTRACK or wget to make a static copy of this.

Question for @jeremy would this be OK with you, would you prefer to keep the Rachel logo in the top left for visibility? Or would you prefer it was removed to make it clearer it’s an unofficial project?

At that point, it would be a case of setting up a website to accept orders internationally and multi-currency, use this site to generate automatic emails to the dropship company.

Then a bunch of marketing and outreach, then a load of customer service type stuff for cards missing in the post.

If anyone’s up for helping or has constructive feedback then drop me a DM.

Just to be clear the intention would be non-profit here, any surplus would be re-invested in the project.

Meh just noticed you’ve used the restrictive non-commercial licence. So I guess I’ll have to look at IIAB for this project instead.

Hi @sam_uk – the vast majority of content providers provide their content under the same non-commercial license, you’ll have to check with each content provider on this. IIAB just took our work and put a new logo on it and changed the license.

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Thanks, I will check licences.

It seems that most of the stuff I plan to use is normal CC-BY attribution. Shame about Mustard seed books though.