Sept 20th Update on Battery Issue

Thank you all for your patience.

After testing was completed by our supplier, we feel confident in opening sales of RACHEL-Plus again.

Even with the fix, RACHEL-Plus should never be used in a fixed-infrastructure mode or unsupervised. RACHEL-Plus is not an industrial grade device and constant 24/7 charging of the device will degrade the battery. This is particularly relevant for our prison users, and we will release a new piece of hardware for this environment.

For most of our users, there is little change. The existing battery and firmware you purchased the device with leaves you with minimal risk for issues. Thus far, we have no reports of batteries expanding from users who are not using the device in fixed infrastructure (constant charging) settings. That being said, there is a new firmware available which will further limit the charge. We officially recommend upgrading firmware for this added precaution.

We will add detailed instructions here on how to update firmware as we finish producing the firmware. It is much more complicated to update firmware on devices with existing content than on new devices.

We appreciate your patience and will be back soon with updates on hardware for prisons and firmware.


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Instructions on updating firmward for WAPD-235 or RACHEL-Plus 2.0