Set a box name instead of an IP

I have been looking at different solutions for making content available offline. Internet-In-A-Box is another solution. When accessing that you would write box.lan into the browser instead of an IP address.

I have setup my RACHEL on a Pi-4.

Is that possible on RACHEL-PI?

The default address to access RACHEL is “rachel.pi”

Doh. Is there any docs written for RACHEL-PI anywhere?

Yes there are several tutorials at

Would you be interested in getting some pull requests to get the docs on to consolidate the docs a bit more?

Thanks for the offer but the readthedocs were for the RACHEL-Plus which is separate from the open source Pi releases. They’re not something we’ve been maintaining or providing to people. Those docs will be changing at some point and won’t match the Pi.

Thanks. Just purchased the Rachel Plus. I cannot seem to figure out how to find or set this for the Rachel Plus?

I don’t think the option is available from the advanced hardware page which was made by Intel and is the official way to change settings on the system.

You’ll have to run these commands on the command line over an SSH connection which are officially unsupported but should work

uci set system.@system[0].hostname='rachel'
uci commit
sudo reboot now

Users connected to wifi afterwards would be able to access the device at “http://rachel

http:// is required as browsers generally default to search engines without it.

Hope that works