Setting Synchronizing Interval and Timing

is it possible to set data download timing - timing when the Internet usage is free or minimal charges ? Like night 10 PM to Morning 5 AM only .

This functionality isn’t included with the RACHEL-Plus’ networking control. A solution would be to connect the internet connection to a router which has the ability to schedule time of day usage, then connect the RACHEL device to that router. That will restrict the RACHEL-Plus’ connection to the schedule and settings of the router.

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Thanks for your response. This could still work if we know the Locations from where RACHEL downloads content once deployed, we do a Policy based Connection.

However we intend to use a VSAT based connection for a site with no Internet. the VSAT bandwidth is free in Night but the network could be used for other things in day time.

if there is a scheduler option Inside RACHEL - it is much more convenient than doing it in Router

The RACHEL-Plus is running Ubuntu so it is possible to set up two “cron jobs” to run commands at specific times of the day. I will look into this for you and see if I can come up with something that enables/disable the LAN interface. These would trigger at specific times.

What locale will the devices be in?

What times of day will the internet be turned off and on?

Hi, this will be GMT + 3 time zone .

Hi @m_ramasamy -

Your timezone must be set accurately for the cron job to run at the time you set it to. You can set this by logging in to the “Advanced Hardware Control” page from the admin area’s Hardware tab


Then go to the “system tab”, select the proper timezone that the device will be in, and select “enable ntp client”

ntp client

After that is set, there are four commands that have to run in a “Cron job” to enable/disable the internet forwarding on all interfaces.

To disable internet forwarding

uci set firewall.fd1.enabled=0
uci set firewall.fd2.enabled=0
uci set firewall.fd3.enabled=0
uci commit firewall

To enable internet forwarding

uci set firewall.fd1.enabled=1
uci set firewall.fd2.enabled=1
uci set firewall.fd3.enabled=1
uci commit firewall

To create a cron job you will need to log in to the device over SSH and manually create it. Do you know how to log in over ssh?

@m_ramasamy - Your last comment was lost in our forum migration, but I did see it. I’m looking forward to an update on how this went.