Setting Wireless Rachel on ubuntu desktop

I successfully installed rachel pi content into a Ubuntu based desktop (LXLE), working perfectly well on wired network and wireless using a wireless router. The unit is intended to be deployed as a wireless hotspot for a community in the Philippines where people could use mobile devices to access as it’s almost imposible for people in the community to have a PC. For practical reason and sustainability I plan to setup the linux based RACHEL the same as the RACHEL-PI, with wifi card or USB dongle (with antenna) installed to it. Once deployed I will not be the one maintaing it so it’s better for it to be stand alone. My problem is, having experimented a lot with linux I am not able to set it up as a wireless hotspot.

My linux skill is basic but I could work with command line with some help. I would be very happy if someone could direct me what to do.


I did the same in ubuntu 16.04 xenial, does your pc have a wifi card that works as an AP?