Shifting HDD to laptop


I am thinking of formatting my spare windows laptop to install the Linux OS and afterwards run RACHEL. It has a 500gb HDD and 8g Ram.

I’m just wondering if the laptop can be used as a server like the RACHEL Pi. If so, are there any other dongles or devices that I need to attach to the laptop so that it transmits Wifi signal just like RACHEL Pii.

Can someone please assist me?

Need immediate help please. Thanks


I believe if you search the forums you can find some answers on this. @jamesk has a thread with scripts for putting RACHEL on Ubuntu.

Thanks Jeremy,

so does this mean that other gadgets or laptops would be accessing the content via wifi? Just like the Rachel Pi?

It’s possible. You should try @jamesk scripts and see if your WiFi card supports that. If not, you can attach your computer to a router or buy a dongle that supports access point mode.

@Nigel what model is the laptop? You should be able to install Ubuntu and then RACHEL using a script but using it as a wifi hotspot might require an extra wifi adapter.

Hi James,

The laptop is a HP 15.6" 250 G6 Celeron N3060 4GB RAM 500GB Notebook.
I might need a wifi adaptor right?

Please advise.

Thanks a lot

It seems to have a Wifi adapter in it that can do access point mode. I’ll modify a script for you to try. It might take me a bit of time though as the other Ubuntu script was for local use without wifi. I’ll upload it when it’s done.


Thanks a lot James. Appreciate that.
Will standby…


Okay hopefully this installer works. here are the instructions

  1. Install ubuntu ( I used ubuntu-18.04.2-desktop-amd64.iso)
  2. open a terminal
  3. sudo apt-get update
  4. sudo apt-get upgrade
  5. sudo reboot now
  6. download and extract the installer directory to /var/tmp
  7. open a terminal
  8. cd /var/tmp
  9. sudo python3

let me know how that goes or if you have any errors. I suspect you might but we can fix them when they happen.