Smart TV connection

Would Rachel directly connect with a new flat screen smart WI-FI enabled 43 inch TV without going through a Chrome Book computer ??


This is actually a great idea. If your smart TV has a web browser, most do, it should work. I worry that it may not render some videos which require a more modern web browser. I would carefully check GCFlearnFree - KALite - Kolibri to name a few.

How do you mean? A Rachel Pi should be able to connect to a Smart TV via HDMI. Unfortunately web browsers have been completely removed from Roku TVs and devices to the best of my knowledge. Other Smart TVs may still have browsers and there may still be a “secret channel” web browser available on Roku.

EDIT: If someone had the right skills a Roku app for Rachel could be created and “side loaded”. Similar things could be done for other smart TVs and devices.