Software Update for SEPT 2016 to JAN 2017 version

I am attempting to update my RACHEL-Plus software. I looked at the instructions on Rachel friends and watched the recommended video segments and have several questions:
• Do the lines of code (commands in step #3 and 4) delete present (Sept 2016) version of software AND update new software or just get rid of the old? If the latter, where do I go to update the software?
• Also, the video segment says SSH username is ‘cap’ but default password page says ‘root’. Which should I use?
• Then the RACHEL-Plus Quick Start Guide states that using the Default SSH voids any support from RACHELoffline. Would that be the case if I used this method for updating the new software version?

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Good questions:

  • steps 3 & 4 will update your RACHEL software, overwriting the old version
  • the correct user/pass for logging in is the one on the default password page
  • if you’re just doing this update, we won’t void the warranty :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!