Some provided software uses Google Drive/internet/cloud

Some of the software included with Rachel Plus uses internet-based or cloud access (Google Drive, etc.) Are these functions possible, or are they disabled due to not having internet access?

Hi @scottvyoung,

All of the content and services on the RACHEL-Plus device are designed to operate completely offline with no internet access. Content can be synced to and from the device without the internet as well. There should be no dependencies on Google Drive or other online services.

Is there a specific piece of software you’re referring to?


GCF Learn Free has many tutorials on Google, Microsoft Office, etc/ I teach in a jail, and these learning modules cannot be accessed without access to the internet. This is a learning platform I have some familiarity with, and which has content quite useful to my students (specifically how to use these programs).

I also wonder whether Rachel has word processors, so that my students can write? My students have no access to computers. We use Chromebooks instead. Yes, I realize this makes no sense in a place without internet! That’s why I’m looking at RACHEL.

Hi @scottvyoung,

Ah okay I understand. The RACHEL-Plus would be an isolated hotspot that the Chromebooks can access if they’re configured to connect to it’s SSIDs. Your students would then be able to access any content or services on the device like the GCF tutorials about Google services, but yes unfortunately we can’t duplicate those services for offline use.

On Chrome OS you can install some of those services as apps that do work offline, but it does require the student to have a Google account as well as acccess to the internet at some point to sync their work.

We don’t currently provide any word processing on the device itself outside of what may be available in the included learning management systems. It is something we could look into. We work closely with teachers in corrections through to come up with solutions that fit each situation.

You can preview what the RACHEL homepage looks like at The GCF module is at GCF Learn Free 2021 - RACHEL.

If you have any other questions we’re always happy to help. Feel free to email me directly at as well.