Some videos not playing

I bought Rachel a few months ago and its been performing well.
I however noticed that some videos under khan academy particularly under polynomial are not playing. I have tried on different browser, the experience is the same. What could be the problem?

Can you tell me which videos specifically and which order number you had?

Ok thanks. I restarted the device and all seem to be okey for now. I will let you know should i come across some videos that may not play.

Thanks again.

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My RACHEL, purchased April 2019, has never been able to play any of the PhET simulation videos. For example, click on the oscillating springs picture, select the Middle school section from the left navigation bar, and try the Energy Skate Park: Basics simulation.

I’ve used 2 different tablets: Amazon Fire HD 8”, and a Lenovo Tab 4 8” and Chrome, Firefox, Dolphin, and Silk browsers. It also seems impossible to download an Adobe Flash Player as recommended – even from third-party sources – on either type of tablet.

The Scale of the Universe module won’t open, and the Music Theory content cannot be opened because “This plugin not supported.”

Fantastic Phonics. Book 1: “The Cat on the Mat”
Two of the activities do not work: There’s nothing active to click on in the Word Slide: Slide the Letters activity icon, and on a tablet there’s no way of “blasting” in the Word Blast: Blast the Words activity.
Listen & Learn: Hear the Word and Type no sound

Fantastic Phonics for Adults
Series two. Unit/Book 21 “I want a pie”
Missing sounds in 2 of the activities: In Decoding: Click & Listen all the audio files appear empty; in Listening: Learn Sounds no sounds are played.
Activity not working: There’s nothing active to click on in the icon for Hear & Spell: Word Slide (Letter Push)

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Hello, please try the “dolphin” browser – this supports flash on android. Scale of the universe installs only on a Windows machine. It should not have been pre-installed on your device.