South African Curriculum Aligned Content

Is it possible to get educational content for Primary and secondary schools in South Africa. We are an edutech start up and the challenge we face with content that is on Rachel is its not aligned to the South Africa Curriculum and there is very little content for primary schools. The Department of Education is becoming strict when it comes to what goes into the schools as they need it to be strictly aligned to their curriculum. Are there any developers who can develop content that is aligned to SA’s curriculum and upload as a module. I have also faced the same question when I visited Zimbabwe, it looks like they do not just want stuff thrown at the kids because most of the content currently on Rachel is universal but might not necessarily address the needs of certain countries.

Hi Jeffrey,

The main restriction around what we can provide is licensing. The content available as RACHEL modules is open source or content we have permission to share with devices like Fantastic Phonics.

We are always happy to work with people to provide their own content or curriculums through RACHEL as modules, Kolibri channels, Moodle courses, through the “Local Content” software, or a custom solution. We find a lot of people choose to add their own content this way.

Making a RACHEL module is relatively easy if you have a copy of the website files to create a module from. The difficulty is in the licensing and sometimes scraping a copy of the websites. There is a tutorial here if you’re interested

If their curriculums are digital and available for distribution or you can identify some open source content that aligns with them, I will take a look at what is required to get them onto RACHEL. If you have contacts with their Departments of Eduation that would like to work with us on this we’d be happy to discuss.