SSH login not accepting

Hi Jeremy
I’m trying to login to Rachel plus using ssh (putty) but it’s not accepting the default user name and password

Is there a different password for login to through SSH? if the user name is root ,than what’s the password
Please email me the password to

Koni Kel

When connected to the access point: root@
Pswd: will be emailed to you

I am less familiar with putty. But would expect it to use the same credentials. Please let me know of your outcome.

I’ve used Putty for years. It works just fine.

I used Filezilla and it works.


@71227868 had the wrong password. We are all good. Thanks all.

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I have the same problem …

The SSH password is not public. Please send us your order details to receive an SSH password. SSH access voids any warranty from us.

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Hi Jeremy, I am Sion Lee from South Korea.

While I and my team-mates are working on deploying RACHEL in Mongolia, we are stuck with accessing to SSH. I need administration ID/PASSWORD

I’ve been trying to figure out what our Pi’s order number is, but I couldn’t because I got the device from my professor.

I still have a box for the device. So, I am just sending all of this information, hoping one of the numbers is the correct one.

IC: 20953-RPI32
CMIIT ID: 2016DJ0710(M)
Bar-code: 40522 71085

I would be very appreciated if you send me SSH login information asap.

Thank You.

If you have the Rachel Pi: user: pi / passwd: rachel