Start up in Zimbabwe. hie guys i need guidance and assistance

Guys i need start rachel marketing and deployment in Zimbabwe and need someone who can take me through the process. First would need buy product for sample deployment

Hi Aylwin - we try to make it as easy as possible for you! You’ll have to purchase a couple of devices to get started, RACHEL-Pi and RACHEL-Plus.

You’re welcome to re-sell them if you’ve purchased them from us. We offer free shipping to Zimbabwe on large orders ($2,500US) and have a discount program if you provide to us local Zimbabwe content with free or open licensing.

Hie Jeremy

thank you very much for the quick response . Yes we are very much willing to work with you on this but as you said we would need to purchase devices so advise on how we purchase devices. For a start need to purchase the RACHEL PI and RACHEL plus devices so can you please advise how we can purchase these and how much will it cost us. are you able to link me with person who can sell so that i bring these urgently.

am almost ready to buy devices so wanted find out on the software side. Does it come with software, also what is the difference with free software for rachel that is downloadable on the internet, …

Hi @aylwin - you can purchase as you’d like on

The RACHEL-Pi software is the same. The RACHEL-Plus software requires quite a bit of individual expertise to set-up and build, along with an internet connection capable of downloading the 400GB you would like to have as content. Instructions however are here: Creating RACHEL-Plus from CAP 2.0 on Windows

Hello Aylwin,
Which area of Zim are you located? Herare?
Bob Rollins

Hi, Aylwin

I have already started pilot project with Bob in Bubi District you can get in touch with me

Hi Aylwin,
I am a volunteer with World Possible. How is your startup process going for Zimbabwe? Please let me know if I can help.

World Possible