Starting a World Possible Chapter in Nigeria

Hi! I am Samuel Aina. I have spent the first 30 years of my life in Nigeria and I have consistently worked in education as a teacher, instructional designer, lecturer and now a teaching assistant/social innovator. I am currently working towards setting up a World possible chapter in Nigeria.

Moses Olatunji will be taking up the challenge of volunteering towards making this possible. Together with everyone interested, we want to open up Nigeria’s education system to global reach, especially schools that are currently not connected to the internet.

Kindly feel free to share ideas and information with us as much as you can.

Samuel Aina


Hello @Samuel_Aina,

I’d be following this


Hi Moses and Samuel,
Our organization joins you and other volunteers in bringing RACHEL to Nigeria classrooms. We will be purchasing our first RACHEL-Plus 3.0 device this October.
We are Clarrion Call Inc., a 501c3 non-profit organization though based in US but have worked with other NGO’s in Africa especially in the healthcare sector. We are excited and ready to invest our little resources to improve education in Nigeria.
Best Regards
James Umekwe

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