Starting at boot - supervisorctl

I’ve got the Internet Archive javascript code running (probably with some bugs), but I’d like to start the server at startup time.

I’m used to using supervisorctl, but that doesn’t seem to be installed, and its probably a bad idea to install it if none of the other tools are using it. So I’m wondering are you controlling startup behavior with any tool or is it just editing files in /etc/init.d the old-fashioned way ?

Currently the pi is using /etc/init.d for Kiwix, KA-lite, and Kolibri. I think this is the same with the RACHEL-Plus. If you’re looking for examples, init-kiwix-service and init-service are for kiwix and kalite. I’m pretty sure Kolibri uses kolibri.init.


Thanks - I’ll take a look.
It would be worth someone looking at supervisord / supervisorctl, in part because of the automatic restart of servers on failure, but we can certainly hook into init.d if that’s the right place for the current architecture.

Yes. confirming that Kolibri, Kiwix & KA-lite services are in init.d/ on Rachel Plus.