Starting several RACHEL RPi Project In Rwanda

Working with schools using the current content modules and working with an organization to create new content modules. We would also like to map the RACHEL content to the Rwanda Edu Board (REB) A level and O Level curriculum.

Also working with an organization to deploy adult training programs using a mobile learning center.

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This sounds like important and difficult work, especially the alignment. You should be able to find fast Internet access to support your team.

Be sure to take a look at this link if you have not already done so.

The math and science teachers in the Biymana e-Mwalimu club, who are based at the science secondary school discussed document in the above (page 5), should have some good suggestions on curriculum alignment, which is very difficult work.

Also, if you e-mail me offline at , I will forward you booklets of the revised math and science curriculums. If you are interested, I can also send you a draft spreadsheet we are using in Kenya to help teachers find math videos and exercises related to subjects in the Kenyan secondary school curriculum.

You should also take a look at the Rwandan and other presentations at this recent workshop funded by the World Bank MS4SSA project (Math and Science for Sub-Saharan Africa). This project is focused on increasing Project Based Learning in SSA. Rwanda is the node for East Africa.

Keep posting here and stay in touch, especially when you are in Rwanda and have access to WhatsApp.

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