STEP ONE: Building A Simple Single Page Module

Hello all - we’re trying to make it easier to turn your content into a module. Please download and unzip this sample module as it is the most basic we can get to (copy and paste this in your web browser):

Now you must:

  1. put your content inside the folder. In the example, I have added one PDF, one mp4 (video), and one mp3 (audio).


  1. if you want a logo, you must name the logo flag.png and replace the flag.png file currently in the module


  1. you must open the file rachel-index.php with a tool such as Notepad (preferred) or Word (if you must). Inside rachel-index.php you need to change the two black pieces of text (don’t touch anything else unless you know what you are doing):


  1. you must finally open the index.html page with a tool such as Notepad (preferred) or Word (if you must). Inside index.php, you need to change the title text, the description, the Header, the Sub Header and for EACH document, mp3, or movie you want to link to, edit both the name of the file and the description:


Volunteer John Walker put together a wonderful tutorial with our team (please follow along here)!

STEP TWO: Creating Necessary rachel-index.php for your modules


Thank you for this Jeremy. If we wanted to make an entire website available for offline use with Rachel we’d still need to fix the internal links in that website (after downloading the website) right?

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Yes, that’s correct!

Thanks Jeremy. These are great instructions.