Sub modules with admin hide allow

I was wondering if anyone had done work to enable sub modules inside other modules to allow hiding of certain material? I work a lot with christian orgs in other countries and have been requested if I can hide certain material such as some groups of books and sections of full wikipeida and so forth.

I haven’t heard of this. We do have Wikipedia for Schools where Wikipedia is inappropriate. You can also remove individual books if you enlist someone with HTML skills.

Thanks. I think I will build separate modules including or excluding certain books and such. On a different but similar note, any other sources for wikipedia for schools in other languages? Specifically looking for Spanish and Portuguese.

Not that I’m aware of. Wikipedia for Schools is contributed by an outside nonprofit org, they would have better info on that though. my guess is a few folks have google translated it, but I don’t know if they’ve really done the work to make it useable.